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How to Perform Electrostatic Discharge Test

IEC 61000-4-2

Electrostatic Discharge - Pre-testing

The purpose of the ESD immunity test - IEC 61000-4-2 - is to test the immunity of electrical/electronic equipment to an electrostatic discharge. The test simulates an ESD generated from an operator or person directly touching the equipment or being adjacent to the equipment.

The many benefits of pre-testing 

The ESD immunity test requires very little equipment and can be performed on the bench - depending on the size of the EUT. Consequently, many product manufacturers choose to perform ESD pre-testing in-house, with the benefit of being able to find EMC issues with a new product before going to a Test Lab for certification. EMC pre-testing minimizes the risk of increased project timescales and unplanned engineering costs. 

See how to perform the test

Download the ESD compliance file. The datasheet illustrates a typical test set-up and information about how to perform the test.

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ESD simulators


AMETEK CTS has the largest, and most widely used, range of ESD simulators available for EMC immunity testing. View the complete range of Teseq and EM TEST devices here

All models are type-approved and calibrated to IEC/EN 61000-4-2.  A comprehensive range of over 100 additional network modules is available for testing to various standards including ISO 10605.

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