Duyuru Detay

EMC Immunity Pre-testing
11 Ekim 2022

Your guide to EMC Immunity Pre-testing 
Eliminate the risk of increased project costs and time-to-market delays
One of the most challenging risk areas that must be considered when designing a new electrical or electronic product is EMC immunity. Whilst good design practices can minimize EMC issues, it is very difficult to predict whether the form or internal layout of a new design will create EMC immunity problems. The solution for many product manufacturers is to implement an EMC immunity pre-testing process for new product designs.

Your guide to EMC Immunity Pre-testing

[Download your guide to EMC Immunity Pre-testing]


The guide provides answers to the most common questions about in-house testing and describes how product design teams can pre-test new designs for EMC immunity during the prototyping and pre-production stages of development. This approach means that design revisions can quickly be checked for immunity, and adjustments made without the cost and time delay of using an external laboratory to perform the tests.