Duyuru Detay

03 Haziran 2024

We would like to thank all our valuable participants who attended the Tektronix Aerospace and Defense Solutions Seminar that we held on June 7!

We brought together and shared our enlightening and improving solutions in the field of aviation and defense in our seminar with the expertise of Tektonix EMEA-Field Applications Engineering Manager Mr. Omer Sheikh.
In the seminar, after a general introduction to Tektronix's A&D Solutions, we discussed in detail topics such as Power Analysis Measurements, Multi-Channel / Multi-domain Signal Analysis, Analysing High-Speed Serial Data Communication buses. We also had a great opportunity to interact with our participants during our Q&A and networking sessions.

We would like to thank our participants once again for coming together with us and sharing this valuable experience.
See you at our next event! Don't forget to stay informed about our future events by following our social media accounts!