Solutions for Automotive Technologies

Accelerating the future of mobility with innovative test and measurement solutions

The pace of digital transformation in the automotive industry has never been faster
Advances in high-speed data communications, power electronics and battery technology
are enabling higher performance resulting in safer, more efficient vehicles while creating
new challenges for engineers. Tektronix exists to provide you with instrumentation
solutions to address today’s automotive challenges and those to come.




Explore Solutions for Electric Vehicles and Beyond


EV Traction Inverters and Motors                                                                    EV Batteries

EV inverter and motor technology are key to the pursuit of range.                                     Precision voltage and current measurements are needed to determine the state of 
Oscilloscopes, probes and special analysis software combine to                                        battery  cells, modules and packs – perhaps the most vital components in any EV.
provide end-to-end visibility.



reliable in-vehicle networks                                        

In-Vehicle Networks (IVN)                                                                                 EMI/EMC

Ensure reliable and fast data flow throughout your vehicle                                                   Pre-compliance testing and fast debugging help keep design programs on track.
with protocol decoding and compliance testing.





Automotive Electronics - Test and                                    Chalmers Case Study: Problem solving                              VisIC Technologies: Driving gains in the 
Measurement Solutions                                                      every step of the way                                                           EV powertrain


Discover the test and measurement solutions                    A Swedish student engineering team successfully               VisIC has pioneered the use of GaN-based transistors
Tektronix offers for automotive electronics.This                 builds an electric all-wheel drive Formula Student                in automotive inverters and is using powerful Tektronix
brochure provides information for EV Powertrain,             race car with four independent engines and a 600v              equipment to deliver significant efficiency gains for
EV Charging, In-Vehicle Networks and EMI/EMC               battery with the help of Tektronix equipment.                       electric cars. Read their story here.