Power Efficiency

Power Efficiency Power Efficiency

Ensure safe, precise and fast Si, SiC and GaN MOSFET testing in a lab and a wafer test environment. Learn more about the testing challenges resulting from the adoption of SiC and GaN into your designs and how to solve them. Discover how to minimize power draw and maximize battery life for your end-products. Accelerate the time-to-market for your designs.



Power Device Characterization

  • Safe, Precise, Fast MOSFET Testing for Si, SiC and GaN devices
  • Wide power envelope
  • Safely set up your test
  • 2X Faster Device Characterization for improved time to market
  • Avoid expensive overdesigning of your wide bandgap device

Measurements on 3-Phase Variable Frequency Drives

  • Perform stable measurements on PWM 3-phase motor drives
  • Oscilloscope-based phasor diagrams
  • Measure system efficiency
  • DC bus measurements
  • Support for 2V2I, 3V3I star and delta configuration, as well as DC-in/3-phase out.


SiC and GaN Power Conversion

  • Overcome high common mode voltages
  • Simultaneously measure multiple control and timing signals
  • Faster automated power measurements
  • Don't fail compliance


Double Pulse Testing

  • Measure turn-on and turn-off energy loss
  • Measure reverse recovery
  • Automated oscilloscope measurements
  • Easily generate gate drive signals


Maximizing Battery Life of IoT Devices

  • Determine the load current profile
  • Simulate any battery
  • Model any type of battery

Control Loop Analysis

  • Oscilloscope-based response measurement setup
  • Probe characteristics for control loop measurements
  • Measure stability margins with Bode plots
  • Control loop analysis system

Power Supply Measurement and Analysis

  • Switching loss measurement and analysis
  • In-circuit inductor and transformer measurements
  • GaN and SiC switching device measurements
  • Safe operating area (SOA)
  • Power supply rejection ratio
  • Control loop response

Analyzing Power Integrity on a PDN

  • Measure high-frequency ripple without blocking DC
  • Dealing with supplies from 1 V to 48 V and above
  • Minimizing measurement system noise contribution
  • PDN impedance measurements
  • Noise-hunting with synchronized spectrums and waveforms
  • Automated power rail measurements

Automated Parametric Test

  • Fully-automated HV Wafer-level testing

  • Move from high voltage to low voltage without changing test setup

  • Measure capacitance without manual reconfiguration Fast automation