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Python for Test Automation

Semiconductor Devices to Market Faster

Introducing Next-Level Test and Measurement Automation with Python Drivers

Want to revolutionize your automation code? Say goodbye to SCPI commands and welcome our Python drivers for a seamless, modern development experience.

Harness the power of native Python commands for controlling oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, source measure units, waveform generators, and more. Eliminate tedious manual parsing. At your fingertips you’ll find your favorite IDE, such as VS Code or PyCharm.

Semiconductor Devices to Market Faster

Programming Automation Made Simple

Using our Python drivers, enjoy:

  • Simplified Automation: Embrace a user-friendly Python interface for a streamlined workflow.
  • Intuitive Documentation: Explore comprehensive docstrings and extensive type hints to learn and effectively use the instrument's full capabilities.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Leverage auto-completion and code suggestions to speed up development.
  • Seamless Integration: Add our Python drivers to your existing automation frameworks to realize each instrument’s full potential.


Combine Python with our instruments and unlock new automation possibilities. Dive into test automation using Python and transform the way you work today.

Semiconductor Devices to Market Faster

Move from SCPI to Python Automation

Rather than automating test with a SCPI environment consider using our tm_devices Python driver package. When used with your favorite IDE you get:

  • An open source package benefiting from the contributions of developers globally, but validated and maintained by Tektronix
  • The power of auto-complete and precise type hinting


The current release includes support for Tektronix MDO/MSO 2, 4, 5, and 6 Series, MSO/DPO70000DX/SX oscilloscopes,

the DPOJet application and also Keithley 2400 Graphical Series SMU instruments. An expanding number of test device categories are planned for future releases.

Download the Python driver package.
Semiconductor Devices to Market Faster

Why Python?

Test and measurement engineers should choose Python for its simplicity, versatility, and rich ecosystem of libraries. With Python's intuitive syntax, they can automate tests efficiently, analyze data effectively, and benefit from an active community constantly developing new tools and solutions. Python empowers engineers to achieve higher productivity and innovation in their testing processes.

If you are a DPOJET user, use our Python drivers to elevate your experience with access to a wide range of analysis options, including timing, jitter, and noise analysis.


How- To Guide


Technical Brief

Getting Started with tm_devices for Python

Test Automation and Python Programming

Getting Started with Test Automation and Python

Read our guide to tm_devices, the free, open source Python drivers that provide code completion, syntax checking, and context sensitive help

Watch this video to get started programming scopes in Python: setup, running scripts, and tips for putting your code to work smoothly.

Get started programming oscilloscopes in Python, including the basics of programmatic interfaces and how to download and run an example.