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Building a deterministic multi-channel precision signal generation system

Quantum computing researchers around the world are rapidly scaling up from single qubit proof-of-concept designs to complex multi qubit designs for validation of operating theory. With IBM's launch of their new 50-qubit system, the world is on track towards a truly useable quantum computer. However, quantum computing still has challenges to overcome. Current quantum systems are incredibly complex and challenging to use. Each qubit requires some number of precisely timed and sequenced RF pulsed control signals. In general one does not specifically need an AWG to generate these signals. However, researches need a scalable way to build deterministic multi-channel precision signal generation systems.

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Getting high fidelity, precise signal sources

One of the more difficult challenges facing quantum researchers, regardless of the technology in play, is sourcing the very precise signals needed to understand and evaluate the behavior of the qubits. When the smallest detail could derail your entire experiment, a controlled high precision signal will save time and allow you to iterate quickly through test setups and waveforms. Tektronix AWG5200 Series delivers unparalleled signal fidelity coupled with class-leading sample rate and memory depth, giving you the industry's best signal stimulus solution.

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Overcoming the scalability problem

With as many as 3 AWG channels needed for the proper control of each qubit and with the number of qubits you're working on likely to increase in the future, cost per channel and scalability are important considerations in any quantum computing measurement solution. The AWG5200 offers 8 highly synchronized channels with low cross talk at an attractive $10,000 per channel. Multiple instruments, channel-channel sync in a given instrument is assumed to be a given.

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Simplifying your test set-up

When you're working with the worlds most complex quantum systems, the last thing you need is complexity in setting up your measurement equipment. The AWG5200's full suite of waveform generation plugins are cross-compatible with legacy Tektronix AWG software, which means you don't need to relearn a set-up process. Plus, you can automate test set-ups using MATLAB scripts, making for a simpler yet comprehensive test set-up.

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Modern RF systems like superconducting quantum bit controllers are based on wideband, coherent, multi-channel architecture. The traditional method -- using vector signal generators with IQ modulators and analog synthesizers for RF signal generation -- pose major limitations due to calibration complexity and cost for large-scale implementation. The solution? A class of high-speed digital-to-analog converters that embody signal processing, modulation, and generation functionalities.

Quantum computing and high energy research promise many opportunities, but they come with significant challenges. From achieving consistent results to managing the significant space constraints that come with quantum computing racks, learn how researchers are overcoming these new hurdles.

The quest to dramatically improve computer performance and capabilities centers on quantum computers – a type of computer that exploits some strange properties of physics on the smallest of scales. While much progress has been made in recent years, even moderately small quantum computers are a long way out from delivering consistent and repeatable results...





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