University Engineering and Advanced Research Case Studies

University Engineering and Advanced Research Case Studies University Engineering and Advanced Research Case Studies

University Engineering and Advanced Research Case Studies

Tektronix is furthering education and research with a range of entry oscilloscopes, DMMs, power supplies and waveform generators. Along with more sophisticated instrumentation for advanced research, we are committed to providing educators, students, and researchers the test and measurement tools needed to innovate faster.

These university engineering and advanced research case studies offer just a few examples of how Tektronix is partnering with engineering design schools and research laboratories around the world to empower today’s and tomorrow’s engineers.

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University Engineering Case Studies

Accelerating Engineering Education
- Oxford Brookes University

Driving Your Own Future as a Female Engineer - Hanze University

Enhancing Engineering Education - Coventry University

Student engineers at Oxford Brookes University in the U.K. combined classroom principles with hand-on experience to build an electric racecar using a robust and versatile bench of Tektronix test and measurement equipment.

This case study highlights Rianne Drijver, a female engineer studying sensor technology at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, Netherlands.

Founded as Coventry College of Design in 1843, Coventry University has built a state-of-the-art electrical and electronic engineering laboratory featuring 53 seated advanced workstations for students to perform an extensive range of practical electronics and physics experiments.

Temple University Engineering Lab

Problem Solving Every Step of the Way – Chalmers University

A Passion for Innovation – Queensboro Community College

Watch how Temple educators partnered with Tek to redefine their lab space and equip students with the technology necessary to give them the experience they needed for an advantage when entering the workforce.

During their process of designing and building an electric, all-wheel drive competitive race car, the Chalmers Formula Student Team in Sweden used several Tektronix products to accurately and efficiently test and measure their race car motor and battery designs.

Professor Enrique Haro of the Queensboro Community College Electronic Engineering Program teamed with Tektronix to offer his students the cutting-edge bench solutions for any RF project and the experience for entering the workforce.

Inspiring the Next Generation of RF Engineers – University of Oklahoma

Inspiring Students’ Curiosity – University of Naples

Engineering Cleaner Skies - RAISE

To get their students more excited about RF engineering careers and increase their understanding of electromagnetics (EM) principles, Assistant Professor Jay McDaniel and The University of Oklahoma worked with Tektronix to develop a ten-workstation lab for experiential learning opportunities.

With a passion for spreading “the engineering philosophy” to his students, Michele Riccio, an engineering professor at the University of Naples, wants his students to focus more attention on the experiment, rather than worrying about the tool being used to monitor it.

The Reliable Aircraft electrical Insulation System sElection project (RAISE) supports innovation in

electrical insulation for electrical machine windings.  See how the RAISE team relied on Tektronix to better understand the impact of fast transitions on insulation degradation.