5G Testing


The Promise of 5G New Radio

5G New Radio brings advantages to wireless data communications far beyond faster video on smart phones. In fact, 5G technology may prove to be one of the biggest technical achievements of the century.

Enhanced mobile broadband promises to deliver incredible data throughput by using the finite RF spectrum more efficiently. Machine to machine communications standards will enable communications ranging from simple IoT devices and among industrial and medical equipment.  Mission critical elements address the needs for ultra-high reliability and predictable millisecond latency.


Re-Imagine 5G Measurements


5G NR Vector Signal Analysis

5G New Radio specifications are designed to get the most out of the allocated bands. Key measurements ensure that signals are strong, clean and staying within their channels.

  • EVM – Error Vector Magnitude
  • ACPR – Adjacent Channel Power Ratio
  • CHP – Channel Power
  • SEM –Spectrum Emission Mask

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5G System Debug

Even in the simplest 5G system, many signals have to work together reliably. SPI or I2C buses must deliver commands, power supplies must provide clean voltage, and high-speed data must arrive intact. And everything must happen in the right sequence, with the right timing. When things don’t work, how do you figure out what went wrong?

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5G NR Resources

5G Validation and System Debug

5G New Radio Vector Signal Analysis

5G Over the Air Measurement

Learn how to perform multi-domain signal analysis of 5G base station and user equipment systems. See the benefits of using a mixed domain oscilloscope for analyzing RF amplifier performance.

See how you can simplify several 3GPP 5G New Radio transmitter tests. You’ll see how to verify transmitter characteristics including power, power dynamics, signal quality and RF emissions.

See how MIMO analysis of RF, analog and digital can be performed simultaneously for easy analysis and correlation between both the frequency and time domain.

Re-Imagine 5G Measurements

5G NR Multi-Channel System Troubleshooting

Learn how our 5GNR Signal Analysis Package enables wideband new radio measurements with Tektronix oscilloscopes.

Learn about the advantages of using single instrument for analyzing complex 5G systems where digital, analog, and RF signals interact