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Internet of Things – LoT

You're building the Internet of Things. Together, we can build it better.

Are you creating devices that needs to talk with other machines? Do you need to ensure that they are meeting the countless standards and protocols of the Internet of Things?

Tektronix’s test and measurement experts and instruments can help you do just that!

We will guide and help you all the way from the blossoming of an idea as you navigate wireless standards and face the headache of module selection, to making sure your product meets the latest standards and pass compliance certification the first time.

Together we’ll ensure your device's signal can be seen amongst a thousand others.
You have ideas, we have tools and together we can create better Things!

See below to download technical documents and discover how our cutting edge solutions can help you.


Featured Content

EMI and EMC Pre-Certification Tutorial

Speeding Through Wireless Standards Tutorial

Interference of Things Tutorial

EMI testing is expensive. Learn how to set up pre-testing at your lab to ensure compliance the first time.

From Bluetooth to WLAN, make sure your product meets the latest wireless standards. Learn how to ensure your product meets the cut.

Ensure your device's signal can be seen amongst a thousand others with the right pre-work and tools.



Recommended Equipment

USB Spectrum Analyzers

MDO4000 Series Oscilloscopes

DMM7510 Multimeter

From Basic RF measurements to Advanced Analysis, the RSA Series offers the full features of a benchtop spectrum analyzer at a fraction of the price.

The oscilloscope that includes a logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer and protocol analyzer – all synchronized for an integrated view. Use powerful trigger, search and analysis tools to zero in on analog, digital and RF anomalies.

Experience unprecedented current consumption analysis that will help you design more energy efficient IoT devices operating from sleep to transmit . Featuring an intuitive touch screen graphical interface.

SignalVu-PC Software

Series 2281S with Battery Simulator


Perfect for testing standards compliance with specialized modules for Bluetooth and WLAN, SignalVu provides one user interface for RF and vector signal analysis across all platforms.



Create stable low-noise voltage supply for every state of your IoT device, from sleep to transmit. Record and generate battery sources with the Battery Simulator option.

The TTR500 Series 2-port, 2-path vector network analyzer is our latest breakthrough – an unmatched combination of measurement performance and convenience at 40% lower price than leading benchtop alternatives! Make everyday measurements with the accuracy and confidence you expect from Tektronix, without breaking your budget.