RF Education and Teaching


RF Education and Teaching

You can now outfit your entire lab and add new, advanced RF topics for less than half the price of a conventional analyzer and change the RF horizon for your students: The tool you have been waiting for to easily teach beyond the basics. Add Vector analysis, frequency and phase trends, Wi-Fi demodulation and more.

Our smallest USB Spectrum Analyzer is full featured ( real-time 6.2 GHz) yet smaller than a paperback book! It is perfect for in-class or field demonstrations, lecture hall teaching as well as lab work.
It is customizable to allow you to build custom setups on your own PC without losing your settings, or use our API to import data directly to programs like MATLAB®.

Includes Tektronix 3 year warranty with worldwide support. See below to download technical documents and discover how our cutting edge spectrum analyzer can help you.


Featured Content

Spectrum Allocation Poster

Improve Your Wireless and RF Classes with Live Signals

Eguide to RF Signals

A useful wall chart that puts all frequency allocations by region right in front of your eyes! Updated 2016

Learn how to provide students hands-on RF experience without breaking the bank

Navigate the RF spectrum and gain insight into the signals around you. This piece contains detailed examples with brief movies of RF signals, their measurements, audio recording of demodulated FM, and much more.

Overcoming RF Signal Generation Challenges in Quantum Computing with New DAC Technologies White Paper

Introduction to Vector Network Analyzers Basics

Using an AWG for direct RF complex signal generation.

This paper discusses why VNAs are used and how they are unique compared to other RF test equipment.



Recommended Equipment


3 Series MDO


A full-featured RF analyzer in your hands at a breakthrough price, enabled by powerful SignalVu-PC, is the field tool for easy interference hunting.

The 3 Series mixed domain Oscilloscope helps students learn about analog oscilloscope measurements, but also logic analysis, spectrum analysis, and protocol analysis with a touchscreen interface that’s second nature.

Fitting neatly on the lab table or a rack, the RSA600 enables easy chip/module integration and EMI testing with speeds up to 7.5GHz, 40 MHz of bandwidth, incredible spurious free dynamic range, and optional internal tracking generator.




AWG5200 Arbitrary Waveform Generator

TSG4100A Series RF Vector Signal Generators offer mid-range RF performance and up to 200MHz modulation bandwidth.  Convenient, in-field software upgrades easily transition units from analog to more advanced vector and digital modulation capabilities, providing the most flexible configuration and best CAPEX protection.

The TTR500 Series 2-port, 2-path vector network analyzer is our latest breakthrough – an unmatched combination of measurement performance and convenience at 40% lower price than leading benchtop alternatives! Make everyday measurements with the accuracy and confidence you expect from Tektronix, without breaking your budget.

The AWG5200 delivers unparalleled signal fidelity coupled with class-leading sample rate and memory depth, giving you the industry's best signal stimulus solution for complex RF baseband signal generation and precision experimental applications. With up to 10 GS/s sample rate and 16-bit vertical resolution, get easy generation of complex signals as well as accurate playback of existing captured signals.