Spectrum Management and Interference Hunting


Spectrum Management and Interference Hunting

Find interference faster than ever, for less than ever. Real-time results. Real savings.

Interference has long been accepted as a part of operating a radio system.  In the case of cellular networks, interference is actually part of the network.  With even more devices and  networks, new tools and knowledge are needed to measure new interferers and signal types.  Learn more about these signals, the challenges in measuring them, and the solutions that make those measurements fast and easy.


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Recommended Equipment




Fast and light, the RSA500 is the all-in-one field tool for spectrum management and interference hunting powered by SignalVu-PC. This rugged, road ready exterior brings speeds up to 7.5GHz, 40 MHz of bandwidth, incredible spurious free dynamic range, and optional internal tracking generator.

A full-featured RF analyzer in your hands at a breakthrough price, enabled by powerful SignalVu-PC, is the field tool for easy interference hunting.

Use the one user interface for RF and Vector Signal Analysis for all Tek RF products. SVPC comes free with 17 measurements and is instantly upgradable with options like mapping and signal survey and classification.



Field Tablet

A fast and versatile solution for field interference hunting, this spectrum analyzer boast built-in features athat simplify spectrum management, including mapping, interferer locator, signal demod, and automated field measurements.

Rack-mountable and fast, the RSA600 enables monitoring and surveillance applications with speeds up to 7.5GHz, 40 MHz of bandwidth, incredible spurious free dynamic range, and optional internal tracking generator.

The rugged field ready tablet includes pre-loaded SignalVu-PC software, with custom-programmed display settings and front-panel buttons, optimize the SignalVu-PC experience.


The Alaris DF-A0047 smart antenna with built-in USB compass for direction finding and interference hunting applications.