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Education and Teaching Labs Education and Teaching Labs

Solutions for Education

University lab equipment designed to prepare your students for careers in engineering

Tektronix has a history of creating the test and measurement tools that help engineers innovate faster. Your classrooms and labs are where the world will get its next generation of engineers.

From bench oscilloscopes for basic measurement to digital multimeters, waveform generators, software, and service plans, we provide a complete solution to make sure your labs meet the ever-changing curriculum landscape.


Preparing Future Engineers

Give your students every advantage with world-class test and measurement solutions

Tek and Keithley provide a comprehensive line of quality engineering test equipment that suits all levels of learners from undergraduate engineering students all the way up to graduate programs and advanced research.

From student oscilloscopes and entry level benches for learning engineering fundamentals, to more advanced instruments that teach mixed-signal circuit designs and IoT concepts, we can help you prepare your students with the skills they need to innovate and own the future.

Explore Solutions for the Education Lab and Beyond

Semiconductor Devices to Market Faster

Software for the Education Lab

Choose from a range of tools that optimize the lab teaching environment (on campus and remote) while helping students visualize complex ideas and master the test and measurement side of engineering.


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Semiconductor Devices to Market Faster

Bench Solutions for University Engineering Labs

Education labs have unique needs. Start with one of these three recommended configurations to create the test and measurement bench best suited for your students.


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Semiconductor Devices to Market Faster

University Engineering Case Studies

Tektronix partners with engineering design schools and research laboratories around the world to empower today’s and tomorrow’s engineers.


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Semiconductor Devices to Market Faster

Advanced Research Solutions

Whether you are applying the latest technology or conducting cutting-edge research, Tektronix instruments can help you advance the frontiers of technology and science.


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Discounts for Educators

Recommended Education Bench Configurations

Queensboro Community College



Case Study

We make it easy to invest in industry-leading test and measurement equipment by offering a discount on all hardware, software, and service products to eligible education institutions.

Whether you are teaching engineering fundamentals or more advanced topics like mixed-signal or RF, start with one of these three configurations to create the bench that’s best suited for your students.

Professor Enrique Haro teamed up with Tek to create a cutting-edge RF engineering lab that gives students the tools and experience they need to have an advantage over other engineering graduates.