WLAN Testing and Analysis (IEEE 802.11) Testing and Analysis


WLAN Testing and Analysis (IEEE 802.11) Testing and Analysis

Accelerate and Simplify Test and Analysis of 802.11 Wireless LAN Devices

Whether you are testing a new chipset, designing a new wireless module, or integrating a WLAN module into your latest design, Tektronix provides Wi-Fi physical layer (PHY) testing solutions to help you get the job done and get your design to market faster.

Check out the information below to learn more about best practices for WLAN testing, pre-compliance steps for success and how Tektronix solutions can help you pass your performance and compliance tests the first time.


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This primer provides a general overview
for each of the 802.11 standards, their
PHY layer characteristics and their
testing requirements. In this document,
we use 802.11 and IEEE 802.11 interchangeably.

When you search for a Wi-Fi module for your application, there are many different kinds of solutions to choose from. Read this guide on best practices for selecting the optimal Wi-Fi chipset or module for integration.

This application note outlines the typical design cycle of using a prepackaged WLAN module and the potential pitfalls.



Recommended Equipment



MDO4000 Series

RSA5000 Series

From Basic RF measurements to Advanced Analysis, the RSA Series offers the full features of a benchtop spectrum analyzer at a fraction of the price.

The oscilloscope that includes a logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer and protocol analyzer – all synchronized for an integrated view. Use powerful trigger, search and analysis tools to zero in on analog, digital and RF anomalies.

RSA5000 spectrum analyzers detect, analyze and debug Bluetooth chips with 100% probability of intercept of signals as brief as 434 ns.


Perfect for testing standards compliance with specialized modules for Bluetooth and WLAN, SignalVu provides one user interface for RF and vector signal analysis across all platforms.